And what a year it has been!
Making the decision to open a business as big as we did was not an easy one. It was hard to come out of the comfort of our small studios, but Elsa and I were excited to spread our wings and make the leap!
With the help and support of our friends and family, we did it! We opened Flawless September 1, 2019.
Not only did we design and build this beautiful space, but we added new services and brought in amazing employees to join our team.
It was quite an undertaking and just as things were going smoothly and the growing pains started to subside…we got hit with COVID CLOSURES!
What a way to take the wind out of our sails for sure.
Between March and July we have run the entire spectrum of emotions from depression to anxiety. So many of our fellow business owners have closed, so you can imagine the constant worry.
In July we were allowed to re-open. Juggling the new restrictions and covid procedures has been a challenge, but the health and safety of our staff and clients has always been our #1, so it wasn’t much of a stretch for us.
We would like to thank everyone who supported us throughout the quarantine as well as our loyal clients who have had our back from day 1.
It is truly humbling and inspiring to pour your heart and soul into something, and to have people love it.

So thank you, from the very deepest parts of our hearts!

To celebrate, we are offering 20% off all new services!!!

20% applies to all new services (permanent makeup, full lash set, lash lift/tint body treatments, waxing) but does not apply to follow up services (permanent makeup refresh, color boost)

Purchase any 5 single area waxes and get 1 free
Tuesdays only: Book 3 different areas waxing services and the 3rd is free!

These specials are valid for appointments booked between August 1 and August 31 2020.  These specials can not be combined with any other discount or promotion.