The day before your appointment please do not consume alcohol as it thins the blood and can cause unnecessary bleeding, swelling and bruising.

Arrive to your appointment without makeup, lotions or other cosmetic products on the skin to be treated.

Microneedling: After the procedure your skin can be very red, everyone is different and some people are more sensitive than others so it is not possible to accurately predict how red you may be.
The redness will subside and you can expect to look sunburnt for 1-3 days after the procedure.  You may also experience some swelling, tenderness (like a sun burn) and possibly some light bruising ( not as common).
Slight swelling can make the skin look and feel tighter and you may see fine lines completely disappear.  This is due to the inflammation.  Over the next few days you will experience dry skin, which can make more fine lines appear.  Continue to moisturize as this will alleviate the dryness and discomfort.
After the 1st week you will notice your skin’s texture will start to feel softer and smoother.
At 2 weeks  the color of your skin will appear more even.
It takes your body approximately 4 weeks to produce collagen after the treatment and it will continue to produce for 6 to 8 weeks post treatment, so you can expect to see fine lines or scarring being to diminish at this time.

Microneedling should never be done deeper or more aggressively to obtain better results.  The concept of microneedling is to create a small and controlled injury at a particular depth to stimulate healing and growth.  Working deeper or more aggressively will not enhance the results but cant create damage resulting in scarring, hyper pigmentation and other unwanted side effects.

Please refrain from wearing makeup for at least 24 hours 

Avoid sun exposure for at least 48 hours and use a good quality sunscreen (SPF30 or higher) for the first 4 weeks.

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