Massage Therapist

Hi, my name is Guillermo and I would love to welcome you to my massage. I graduated from Academy of Massage Therapy in 2011, and I have been a proud L.M.T since then. I provide Deep tissue, Swedish and Sports Massage, and I’m also licensed to perform Pre-Natal, Thai, and Hot Stone. I am here to help you loosen tight muscles, improve mobility, and bring awareness to your body by providing a massage that is both mentally relaxing and physically beneficial. My services are for anyone-ranging from elite athletes to those who are brand new to treatment. Having worked in many settings and with a wide range of clientele, I am able to customize my massage and accommodate people with a variety of injuries, pain syndromes and stress. My objective is to provide each of my clients with focused and personalized care; please feel free to inquire about how massage may, specifically, benefit you.

15 min Mini Massage


15 minute mini massage for hands or feet. Add This to any other service including permanent makeup, teeth whitening or facials

25 Min Introductory Massage


An introductory massage that will allow you to feel my pressure and target a specific area of concern. This massage can be focused on the upper body-neck and shoulders- where most of us tend to hold our tension. Otherwise, you may choose one area to be addressed, specifically.

60 min Custom Massage


Customizable massage that can target a few areas of concern with specific attention. This is ideal for those who want to treat several problem spots.

90 min Perfect Escape Massage


A massage for those that want to get away and feel the full benefit of an all-inclusive and thorough treatment, with all of the aforementioned and the ability to tailor the session to be your perfect fit.

*All massages are Swedish style of massages; deep tissue is an upgrade*
All Massages include hot towel and aroma therapy.

Massage F.A.Q.

How will massage help me?

Massage has been clinically proven to reduce pain, increase range of motion, improve sleep and immunity, reduce cortisol and mediate other stress hormones, among other benefits. Stress is a big factor for producing muscle tension and a host of other issues; it is both a precursor and amplifier of nearly all illness and ailment. The ability to sooth your nervous system is not only pleasurable and indulging, but a vital method of promoting and sustaining overall wellness. Massage works in service to have you feel and BE better.


What type of oil or cream will be used in the massage?

In the session we will use what is best for your skin; for those of you with sensitivity I use hypoallergenic products. All are rich and deeply hydrating, to have your skin looking its best.

How to prepare before the massage?

Give yourself enough travel time and getting to the spa 10 mins before your session is ideal. Think about any areas of concern that may need attention, any recent injuries or pain that you’re experiencing from work or working out.

What if I am not flexible or have poor range of motion?

It’s ok, we can slowly work on stretching and movements, or if you prefer, we can leave it out. It’s your session.

Can I receive a massage while on my first trimester?

Massage is contraindicated during the first trimester. Prenatal massage can be performed any time after the first three months. In the massage session you will be bolstered in a way that best suits your comfort.

How often should I be getting a massage?

As often as you need. Everyone’s experience is different and can take more than one session to see results. I always recommend everyone to get a session every 2 to 3 weeks to see improvements and maintain them.

What should I do after the massage?

Be sure to drink lots of water, take a warm bath or shower, and work on stretching while your muscles are loose and relaxed.